Cartoonist guidelines

Kappan cartoons are well-known in the field of education and considered a hallmark of the publication. Kappan editors review hundreds of cartoons every year but publish only a few.

Cartoons are typically reviewed within six weeks after the close of the stipulated submission periods of May 1-30 and November 1-30.

To submit original cartoons, please create a single pdf file, 8 to 10 pages in length, with one cartoon per page. Name the pdf file using this format:


Attach the pdf file to your e-mail and send to:

Use the subject line: CARTOON SUBMISSION

We will review the cartoons and contact you by return e-mail to let you know whether we’re going to purchase any. If we decide to purchase cartoons, we’ll ask you to send a high-resolution jpg or tiff file.

Kappan also considers cartoons for its BackTalk feature each month. Cartoonists interested in submitting pieces for consideration in that space should contact in advance of submission. Please request a copy of our agreement form stipulating rights and permissions.